The commonly held standards of what is acceptable or unacceptable, important or unimportant, right or wrong in a church.

We are a Jesus First Church

Jesus came on a rescue mission. His mission satisfied God’s desperate desire to love us infinitely. It cost Him everything. We can’t get it out of our minds and we don’t want to. Everything we do is about Jesus.

The Gospel is Central

We are not bad people trying to be good. We are dead people made alive. The Gospel is the good news.  It’s about forgiveness for a fallen people. It’s about life to the fullest through Jesus doing what we could never do. It’s about God’s rescue mission and His gracious gift. We receive it and our words and actions reflect it.

Worship is a Lifestyle

Our love for God is big. He is great, and He is good. We worship Him. We sing, and we serve. We watch where He is working around us, and we join Him. Even in the hard places. Because we know we cannot praise God on Sunday and ignore daily injustice and poverty. We do everything to the fullest potential, using our unique gifts and opportunities to honor Jesus. A song on Sunday? Yes. A lifestyle? 100 percent.

Attitude Elevates

Attitude sets the tone. Every day we have a choice. A positive attitude produces hope and peace. A negative attitude deflates and divides. The church must be positive. We see the hard things and we shine the light of Christ into dark places. A positive attitude elevates everyone.

We Embrace Change

The church must grow so that more people can come to know Christ. To that end we focus on where the Holy Spirit leads us to go and not on the past. We worship God, not programs. We evaluate often, and we are open to greater avenues of ministry, creativity and innovation.

We Are Family

Church isn’t about membership, it’s about relationship. More than an organization to join, we are a family to which we belong. We need each other. We pray for each other. We root our lives within our family and walk with each other through good times and bad. We know that growing happens best in circles, not rows.

Generosity is Normal

We have received the greatest gift the world has ever known – the love, grace and mercy of God. Having freely received, we freely give. We give because giving is normal. We are not limited by percentages, and obligation is the wrong approach. We give because we care. We give with an attitude of joy and love. We give because God gave first.

We Honor All People

Jesus is for all people. We love and value everyone regardless of circumstance.

We is Greater than Me

Jesus didn’t sit on the bench. Neither do we. He was not a consumer, and neither are we. When it comes to our gifts and strengths, we are all in, but it’s not about us. We are better together.

Your Story Matters

Jesus told stories. His story mattered. You have a story to tell. Your story matters. Tell it! We tell our stories because they reflect God’s work in our lives. We share how we’ve encountered God and how He has changed our lives. We know that our stories might be the reason another person comes to know Jesus.