Father's Day Meal Packing Event

Sign up to pack with us on June 16 & 17, 2018

Saturday, June 16, 2018 | 4P & 6P

Sunday, June 17, 2018 | 8:30A, 10A & 11:30A

What is a Meal Packing Event?

At Lifeline’s meal packing events, participants package nutritious meals that are shipped globally to children and families who are impacted by hunger and malnutrition. 

This rice-based food is a shelf-stable, specially formulated combination of vitamins, plant-based proteins, dehydrated vegetables and nutrients that provide, in one serving, about 7 5% of a child’s daily requirement for a healthy diet 

Our Goal

140,000 Meals

The packaged meals are shipped globally in 40-foot containers. When the meals are shipped to Haiti, the container is cleared by customs and then released to Lifeline. (Lifeline is a recognized mission organization in Haiti with a government granted franchise that qualifies for duty free status.) 

When containers are shipped to other global locations, Lifeline partners with trusted, local organizations who ensure that the meals are received and distributed to the communities who need it most.

Mix. Weigh. Seal. Ship.

  1. The perfect blend: each bag is filled with 4 ingredients:  rice, plant­based protien, dried vegetables and a flavoring/ vitamin mix. 
  2. Hit the scales: each bag is weighed to make sure it contains a specified weight for uniform distribution. 
  3. Seal it up: the sealed bags have a three year shelf life, although the meals will be eaten long before then! 
  4. Send it out: bags are boxed, palletized, and loaded onto a truck or container for their final voyage to the hungry.

Who receives the meals?

Lifeline partners with churches and organizations across the U.S. and Canada to distribute the packaged meals around the world, including our ministries in Haiti. 

In Haiti, the prepared meals are served daily in Lifeline’s Christian schools and nutrition programs, while also shared with other ministries. Approximately 70% of Haiti’s population is undernourished to some degree, with infants and children suffering most. 

Learn more about Lifeline Christian Mission at lifeline.org.