WCCares was created to tangibly show the Westerville community that God loves them - and so do we! We do this through our GIVE HOPE, Friday Fare and The Gift Shop ministries.

Friday Fare provides weekend meals for families whose children are part of the free lunch program at their school. There are a large number of these children, who get free lunch on school days, but may be going hungry on the weekend. Each food bag has 2 meals for a family of 4. Currently, WCC has been delivering food bags to over a dozen community schools. Through these schools, over 100 families are served each week.


The focus of GIVE HOPE is to provide for the greatest needs of families in our community. Give Hope invites Friday Fare and other families in need to six events at Westerville Christian Church each year. At the end of each event, families are given a supply of consumables to take home.

If you have any questions about our WCCares Local ministries, please contact Tracy Rush at