Friday Fare provides weekend meals for families whose children are part of the free lunch program at their school. There are a large number of these children, who get free lunch on school days, but may be going hungry on the weekend. Each food bag has 2 meals for a family of 4. Currently, WCC has been delivering food bags to over a dozen community schools. Through these schools, over 100 families are served each week.

Our main volunteer roles are:

  • WC Cares Volunteer Volunteers support the execution of local missions, community outreach and engagement.
  • Friday Fare Pantry Coordinator The Friday Fare Pantry Coordinator organizes and maintains the pantry and maintains the temperature and volunteer logs to ensure compliance with Mid-Ohio Food Bank regulations.
  •  Friday Fare Volunteer Scheduler (bags) The Friday Fare Volunteer Scheduler develops the schedule each month and assigns baggers in support of the Friday Fare program.
  • Friday Fare Volunteer Scheduler (deliverers) The Friday Fare Volunteer Scheduler works with deliverers in support of the Friday Fare program  to ensure that all bags are delivered to our schools each week.
  • WC Cares Friday Fare Purchaser Friday Fare purchasers ensure that the all food items needed to complete the weekly menu are on hand prior to packing.
  • Friday Fare Bagger Friday Fare baggers prepare the bags for the delivery team.
  • Friday Fare Deliverer Friday Fare deliverers pick up the bags from WCC each week and ensure prompt delivery to the partner schools.

If have any questions about our Friday Fare ministry, please contact the WCCares Coordinator, Tracy Rush, at