Donation Guidelines

Ready to accept: Clean, ready to wear, new and gently used children’s, men and women’s clothing.

We ask that all donations be laundered or dry cleaned and donated neatly in bags or boxes.

We cannot accept:

  • Items that are soiled, stained or damaged
  • Clothing with cigarette, mothball or other odors
  • Undergarments unless they are brand new in original packaging
  • Lingerie, Pajamas or Robes
  • Formalwear
  • Household items, toys or sports equipment
  • Clothing that is out of date
  • Shoes

*Donated items that are appropriate will be used for The Wardrobe Truck and provided to our clients. Items that are deemed unsuitable will be redistributed to other community programs.

Mission Statement

To tangibly show God’s love to the people of Westerville by providing clothing to those in need while honoring the dignity of ALL people.

What is "The Wardrobe"?

The Wardrobe is a mobile clothing boutique designed to serve those in need of clothing in the Westerville area.  All clothing distributed through The Wardrobe will be shared free of charge.  We strive to maintain the dignity of those we serve by both enabling people to express their individuality in allowing our shoppers to choose the items they need and like the most, and by providing an intimate shopping experience that is discreet and, to the extent possible, anonymous.  Our work is guided by the cultural values of Westerville Christian Church.  In particular:

Generosity is Normal         We Honor All People        We > Me

The Wardrobe is rooted in the Gospel and aspires to live out the cultural values adopted by WCC by focusing on serving the least among us—both children and adults living in poverty, here in the Westerville area.  In providing easy access to free clothing, The Wardrobe addresses a need that is not broadly being met by other entities in our city.  The Wardrobe will not only be designed to deliver tee shirts, jeans and coats to the people of Westerville, it will deliver hope, and joy.

The Need

Using data from the 2010 United States Census, we know that

  • 6.5% of Westerville residents are identified as ‘Living in Poverty”. With a total population of 38,965, this means that approximately 2,533 people in Westerville are impoverished.
  • Narrowing the focus to the Westerville City School District, which serves 15,321 students, 34% –or 5,209 meet Federal Standards for free/reduced lunch (source WCSD 2017-18 Facts at a Glance).
  • Otterbein University reports that approximately 1 in 3 of its 2,600 undergraduate students are Pell eligible—meaning that approximately 867 University students are impoverished.

Whether considering the general Westerville population, our school district, or our local University, all could benefit from the ministry


  • We estimate the value of the service provided by The Wardrobe at roughly $25,000 annually.
  • Conservatively, we project that we will serve 600 people in our first year, and the potential exists to serve well over 1000.

If you have any questions about The Wardrobe or WCCares, please contact the WCCares Coordinator, Tracy Rush, at tracy@wcchurch.life.