I believe Square helped me realize what I needed to do to be part of a church, not just someone who shows up on Sunday and takes nothing out if it. It helped me connect with people and helped me find volunteer opportunities by figuring where my gifts were for volunteering. People should attend Square One to help them with their walk with God, it helps give them the resources that Westerville Christian Church offers. It helps connect people and makes them feel like they are apart of the church.

Nicole CouserSquare One Graduate

The best part of Square One for me was that you taught me the importance of knowing how to read the Bible. Like REALLY reading it. As in memorizing Bible verses. Philippians 4:13. “I can do all this through him who gives me strength”. When I read the Bible, and I find a verse that really hits home, I find myself reading it over and over until I have it memorized. I find that I’m more focused on what I’m reading. This class was very enlightening for me.

Becky KinnamanSquare One Graduate

Our group was challenged with coming up with a service project as part of the Rooted experience. We threw out several ideas, but no one seemed too passionate about anything. We finally settled on serving coffee to homeless folks and giving them a bag of blankets and treats. A few people in particular were nervous/reserved about doing the service project. We all loaded in one car and went out in search of our new friends. It took an hour before we found a  homeless person and the first man we found was less than welcoming and appreciative. We were quite discouraged at this point, but we kept on. The next 10 or so friends that we found were all very welcome to our help. As we went from person to person,

the members of our group who were at first most reserved and hesitant, became the first people to jump out of the car to meet our next friend.

It was great to see how forcing ourselves to participate in something out of our comfort zone can really turn out to be our gift.  We also came to realize that we needed that first unwelcoming man to help us appreciate the other 10 or so very grateful people. Our group is asking to do the service project again.

Jeanna Jacobus, Rooted Group Leader